My name is Lena (aka misslenali)

I love to share all the great ideas I find online.


Frega is the best one !!

This is my first branded page, my Weblet, and this is a tool everyone need.

If you have a business, a team, a network listen up!

make conferencecalls and webinars with your whole business attached

From my weblet I can chat with my costumers and it is connected to its own social media (hub)

so I can post and chat with my friends and family aswell.

Get your own!! It is free and awesome and make you money as a bonus.

Get inside and check all tools and applications,

whatever you do you will earn from it because you are a partowner.

You become a partowner just by being a member... for free...



step-by-step to get your own weblet


Just register from the tab on the right top of this page.

After registration you confirm by clicking the link in the email they sent you.


When you are logged in you now see your name on the right top of this page.

When you hover over you name a dropdown shows up.

In the dropdown menu you chose Frega.


When you arrive at frega.co.uk you have a new menu on the left side,

and top of that menu you see your name/email.

You click there and set up your profile and activate your account.


Good job!!


Now you go to applications in the menu.

There you find "DesignUrWeblet"

The first weblet is free and it is already one created for you.

If you like the URL they created for you you just go ahead and start designing.


If you feel you want another name (URL) you need to delete the first one if you want it for free.

You find the delete button under "status"

You can make how many URLs you want but only one is free.

The cost is low if you need more then one weblet, only 3 units of your countrys currency


about  images

I had some trouble when I created my weblet and hub so I want to give some suggestions to you.

For example

I made the image 1600px x 487px exactly as requested but I couldn´t upload it

because a warning came up and said it was to big....

So after awhile of testing I noticed that I made my images in png

but if I took the same image and made it jpg instead it worked....

You can make free images on canva in any size you want and download to jpg




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